1993 Version Billie Joe Guitar Stickers

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Here are the stickers from the 1993 version of Blue (Billie Joe's Guitar) - There are still some of the stickers which are difficult to recognize, but this post contains all the main ones. If you have any other sticker from this or any other BJ guitar version, you can send it to me at bjguitarstickers@gmail.com, we will post in on this website and  display your name underneath the sticker.

1993 Version BJ Guitar

Here are the stickers;

1. Circus Tents 

2. Pieman

3. The Muffs

4. Bengals Helmet

5. Hojo's 

6. B/W Tree Sticker 

This Logo was sent by: Vladimir del Corte from Spain

7. B/W Logo

8. Children & Smiley Faces


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