BJ Hi-Res Guitar Stickers


What are Hi-Res BJ Stickers?

Some of the Stickers on posted on this website were of low quality, small resolution etc. After working 3 months on them, I've improved their quality, resolution, colors, sharpness etc. Hi-Res Stickers are same Billie Joe Guitar Blue stickers but in High-Resolution and quality. I've worked for months to re-create each and every sticker using advanced tools and software with some help from professionals and the result of this hard work are Hi-res stickers.

What's New

  • - Improved Quality.
  • - Better Resolution (more than 1000 pixels)
  • - Re-designed to make them look new.
  • - Improved Colors and Sharpness

How to Get Hi-Res BJ Stickers?

The Hi-Res version of BJ Guitar stickers will cost $5.99 per package. The package will contain stickers from all BJ guitar versions but in High Resolution. You can still get the low-resolution version for Free from this website.

What will the Package Contain?

  • Hi-Res Stickers from All BJ Guitar versions
  • Printable Tutorial Guides
  • Separate stickers designed to look old
  • Billie Joe Guitar Photos for reference
Buy Hi-Res Stickers for $5.99

The Hi-Res Stickers Package is Not Available at the moment. Please Like our Facebook page for update on availability.

Please note that sometimes it may take longer than that because of high demand. If your package hasn't arrived in the given time then you can report here.


The Hi-Res Stickers and BJ Stickers on Available on this site were solely created by Jim Luthra, Except a few with credit were sent by awesome people around the planet. is the first and only place to bring these stickers on Internet. (Since 2009)

These Stickers are Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution, You can share them only if you give credit to Jim Luthra with a backlink. 

Creative Commons License
Billie Joe Guitar Blue Stickers by Jim Luthra is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

This Product has been Licensed Under Creative Commons Attribution. So You guys are allowed to use or share these stickers only if you credit the Original Author 'Jim Luthra'

Many people copy my stickers and share them without giving credit or They post it on their web page with their name. This really hurts me, by doing this you are not respecting my work and time which I put in making stickers. Please don't cheat me, I'm really doing this for Green Day fans and Its a Non-Profit work. So please credit me for my hard work.


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  2. You can use the Buy Now Button to buy the package.

    1. Hi Jim. Are you still selling the Hi-Res stickers package?

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