1994 Version - BJ Guitar Stickers

The 1994 'Blue' As seen at Lollapalooza 1994 & Woodstock '94, Contains the following Stickers.

The above picture is of Billie joe holding his Blue during Dookie concerts, The guitar in the picture is the 1994 version.

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This Product has been Licensed Under Creative Commons Attribution. So You guys are allowed to use or share these stickers only if you credit the Original Author 'Jim Luthra'

Here are the Stickers.

  • Special Sauce

  • Circus Tents

  • Pansy Division

  •  Geek Girl

  •  What Me Worry? Sticker

  • Bengals helmet Logo

  •  Green Unknown Logo

  • Eight 8 Ball logo

  • Children Logo with Smiley Faces

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